Executive Assistant


Job Overview


An executive assistant’s role is to perform administrative tasks such as arranging office requirements, procurement of stationaries, helping keep the office environment well organized, and other tasks his/her managers will ask her to do.


The executive assistant should have the ability to demonstrate good interpersonal relationships amongst peers.  As a front line officer of the company, the job requires good intra-office interaction, as well as receiving guests or visitors of the company.  The executive assistant is also accountable for arranging travel and accommodations of visiting business partners (to be advised by the immediate superior).


Job Objectives


  • Good organization of individual working area
  • Good management of general office area. The person must ensure that office personnel practice Golden Oats hygiene and sanitation rules.
  • Keeps an inventory of materials, office equipment.
  • Has the ability to organize corporate events such as conferences that require arranging travel and accommodations for concerned officers
  • The executive assistant reports to the Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, and all Division Managers of Golden Oats.




  • Must have at least 3-5 years work experience
  • A University graduate of any business course
  • At good health and physically fit to work
  • Lives near Las Piñas
  • Works with humility and eager to learn new tasks
  • Aggressive in developing a career
  • Team player and practices the virtue of accountability in the work place
  • Highly adaptable individual