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Our Story

About Us


The Golden Oats Brand can trace its roots back to 1991 as a simple re-packer of oatmeal in the Philippines. We began with our regular line of quick cooking and instant oats, and these were sold on a nationwide basis


Basic Business Principle


We have to recognize our responsibilities as businessmen, to foster progress, to promote the general welfare of all employees, and to contribute to the development of society.


Basic Creed of Employees


Progress and development can be realized only through the combined efforts and cooperation of each member of our company. Each of us, therefore, shall keep this idea constantly in our mind as we devote ourselves to the continuous improvement of our company.


Operational Policies


After over 20 years…. With more than 2 decades of serving the Filipino household with quality products, aimed at fighting various ailments and now, micronutrient deficiencies that are continuously increasing in the Philippines at an alarming rate, we are proud to continue this tradition with you, OUR CUSTOMERS. It is because of YOU why we are here and it is because of YOU why we are inspired to push the boundaries and limits of what our products can offer, because at the end of the day, IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!


So why should I choose GOLDEN OATS?



  • 100% Natural Oats
  • Subject to Quality Control prior to Packing
  • Post-packing Quality and Sensory Monitoring
  • Thicker Flakes for a more Textured Consumption, giving YOU higher fibre & protein
  • More Vitamins and Minerals, and not just flavours through our OATS PLUS. Folate (Folic Acid), Omega 3 & 6, Iron, and Vitamin C are among the micronutrients that Filipino society is deficient in.


So why wait until it’s too late?? It is our right to be healthy and fit so we can achieve our dreams and aspirations in life. So let GOLDEN OATS be a part of that solution and choose from our variety of ranges suited to your everyday needs.