Get Up & Go

Cereal Oats Power Drink with Chocolate

Conceived on early 2013, Get Up and Go aims to satisfy our customers with products that address certain needs and wants. At Get Up and Go, we believe that customers are unique and posses different traits and characteristics such as want for a product that is convenients, quick to prepare, value for money, delicious, and healthy.

Were hoping to be a continuous part of your lives and that our brand will continue to develop and foster new, innovative products that offer a variety of features. Get Up and Go and its products are for everyone, by everyone. It doesn’t matter what your occupation is or what it is that you do, our products aim to satisfy every Filipino and Filipino household.


Nutritional Value

Energy, kcal 130 / 5%
Total Fat 3
Saturated Fat, g 3
Trans Fat, g 0
Cholesterol, mg 0
Sodium, mg 80
Total Carbohydrates, g 23
Dietary Fiber, g 1
Sugar, g 13
Total Protein, g 1 / <2%
Calcium, mg 252 / 33%
Iron, mg 2 / 17%