Golden Oats Premium

Organic Granulated Oats

Get the great benefits of oats without gluten. And here are 16 reasons why you should eat Organic oatmeal:


  • Oats are easily digested
  • Oat bran lowers cholesterol,
  • May improve stamina.
  • Herbalist prescribes Oat to treat a wide variety of nervous conditions.
  • The grains gently raise energy levels and the straw is mildly antidepressant, and it also supports an over-stressed nervous system.
  • Oats are used to treat depression and nervous exhaustion, as well as the profound lethargy that results from multiple sclerosis, chronic neurological pain.
  • Oats are thought to stimulate sufficient nervous energy to make sleep possible (sleep aid).
  • Oats are one of the principal herbal aids to convalescence after long illness.
  • For external use the grain is emollient and cleansing, and a decoction strained into a bath can help soothe itchiness and eczema.
  • Oats is full of protein, calcium, magnesium, silicon, potassium, iron and vitamins.
  • Oat fiber can significantly lower blood cholesterol therefore assist to combat cardiovascular disease.
  • Oats can be extremely helpful for high blood pressure, varicose veins, obesity and hemorrhoids.
  • Oats is a soothing remedy for irritated conditions of the digestive tract, and for problems such as irritable bowel syndrome, constipation and diverticulitis.
  • Oat fiber produces bulkier stools and speeds their passage through the gut, reducing the exposure of the gut lining to irritants and carcinogens.
  • The above fact is a strong indicator that oat fiber may help prevent cancer of the bowel.
  • Oats may be helpful to diabetics as it may lower blood sugar.



Nutritional Value

Calories (kcal) 140 / 6%
Total Fat (g) 3
Saturated fat (g) 2
Trans Fat (g) 0
Cholesterol (mg) 0
Sodium (mg) 0
Total Carbohydrates (g) 24
Dietary Fiber (g) 3
Sugar (g) 1
Total Protein 4/ 6%
Calcium 0%
Iron 8%
Vitamin B1 (mg) 4%
Vitamin B2 (mg) 20%
Vitamin B3 (mg) 0%
Zinc (mg) 8%
Magnesium (mg) 15%
Potassium (ug) 130%