Golden Oats

Quick Cooking Oatmeal

A healthy meal in just 3 minutes!

Have a dose of fiber in just a few minutes with GOLDEN QUICK COOKING OATS.

A healthful diet low in cholesterol and saturated fat may reduce the risk of heart disease. GOLDEN QUICK COOKING OATS is cholesterol-free and low in saturated-fat.

Our body needs at least 3 grams of soluble fiber a day which you can get from eating a bowl of oatmeal.

GOLDEN QUICK COOKING OATS is made  from 100% imported high-grade natural Australian Oats, processed and packed hygienically to preserve the best quality of taste and freshness.


Nutritional Value

Energy, KJ 1613
Protein, g 11.1
Total, g 9.4
Saturated 1.7
Carbohydrate, g
Total 56.7
Sugar 1.0
Dietary Fiber, 0%
Total 14.1
Soluble 5.4
Cholesterol, mg 0.0
Calcium, mg 42
Iron, mg 2.7
Magnesium, mg 120
Niacin, mg 0.85
Potassium, mg 260
Riboflavin, mg 0.02
Sodium, mg 2.2
Thiamin, mg 1
Zinc, mg 2.2
Energy, KJ 565
Protein, g 3.9
Total, g 3.2
Saturated 0.6
Carbohydrate, g
Total 19.8
Sugar 0.4
Dietary Fiber, 0%
Total 4.9
Soluble 1.9
Cholesterol, mg 0.0
Calcium, mg 14.7
Iron, mg 0.9
Magnesium, mg 42.0
Niacin, mg 0.3
Potassium, mg 91.0
Riboflavin, mg 0.01
Sodium, mg 0.8
Thiamin, mg 0.4
Zinc, mg 0.8